Have Pipe Problems?

Orangutan Home Services is proud to offer you with a complete range of plumbing services in Phoenix. We now service and/or install the following: Water Heaters, Toilets, Faucets, Washer Hoses, Softeners, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Angle Stops, Pressure Valves, Drain Pipes, Instant Hot Water Systems, and Sewer Lines. We also perform Camera and Slab Leak Inspections. All with the Peace of Mind quality service and convenience Orangutan Home Services customers have come to expect so you can’t lose… Ever!

Most people take for granted the benefits of their plumbing systems and fixtures, carrying the drinking water to, and the waste water away from, your home. With 2,000 plumbing components in the typical residential home, plumbing repairs are unfortunately a regular part of owning a home. Did You Know… in a typical home, more than 9,000 gallons of water are wasted while running the faucet waiting for hot water and as much as 15% of your annual water costs are wasted heating these wasted gallons? A small drip from your faucet can waste up to 180 gallons per month and 2,160 gallons per year. A low flush toilet, however, could save you up to 18,000 gallons of water per year.

Having your home’s plumbing system checked and treated annually is the best way to help prevent unnecessary failures from occurring. If you have not had an inspection done recently, call to schedule a plumbing inspection ASAP for the introductory offer of only $49.00.

Water Facts You Should Know…

Approximately 72% of the human body is made up entirely of water. According to a study done by the Ralph Nader Study Group, U.S. drinking water contains over 2,100 cancer-causing toxins. Since children consume 3 times more water per mass than adults, the detrimental effects on them has increased dramatically. Childhood asthma, cancer, leukemia, immune disorders and learning disorders have increased in the last decade. Children have underdeveloped defense systems and are more sensitive to carcinogens, lead, water-borne parasites, chlorine, and other toxic chemicals in our water supply. Water is the body’s only way to flush out these toxins.

According to an article in the HSS Journal, Arizona has some of the ‘hardest’ water in the country!– rating at over 10 grains per gallon. This is why Orangutan Home Services offers a professional, free analysis on your household water supply. If we come to do a service call in your home, please feel free to ask the technician to conduct your FREE 5 minute water test to determine the level of impurities in your family’s water supply. It may be affecting your health, and be reducing the efficiency and life expectancy of all your fixtures and appliances.

Our Water Solutions:

Orangutan Home Services has found two great products that can eliminate the effects of hard water and copper: the Eliminator water softening system, and the Zeta Rod system. Both systems eliminate the negative effects of hardness from the calcium and magnesium minerals in your water, resulting in softer skin, spot free dishes, lower heating bills, and scale free appliance, fixtures, and pipes.

If you are unhappy with your unhealthy, odorous water then we have the solution for you. Having a well maintained and properly selected Reverse Osmosis System will reduce your home’s high concentrations of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and remove unpleasant taste and odors from the Chlorides, Sulfates, and Biocarbonates in your drinking water. As you discover just how good your drinking water can be, you’ll soon be living a healthy, cleaner lifestyle, with a better alternative to sugar drinks, more flavorful foods, coffee, teas and juices, and of course cost-savings from the inflated costs associated with bottled water.


Are you the type of person who will let the shower run for a few minutes in order to let the water warm up? Then stop wasting up to 9,000 gallons of water per year. Now there is a low cost, easily installed product, that delivers hot water On Demand, offering a daily convenience and big savings on your utility bill.